Fair and Square is a new state political action committee in Texas dedicated to creating a Democratic majority in the Texas House in 2020 and beyond.


Our mission is to provide strategic and monetary support to progressive candidates, in order to elect a Democratic majority to the Texas House in 2020 and move the state legislature to draw fair district lines after the census.

The election cycle has just begun. There will be negative ads, attacks, Republican super PACs, and an all-but-guaranteed effort to suppress progressive voters across Texas. We have to give our candidates the help they need to power through all of it. Join us if you’re ready to be part of the fight.


In 2018, Democrats gained 12 seats in the Texas House, shrinking the Republican majority to an 8-seat margin and bringing the Democratic caucus to a level that had not been seen in a decade. Now Democrats have an opportunity to take control of the House and elect the first Democratic speaker since Republicans seized control of the state in the early 2000s. 

Electing a Democratic House majority in 2020 is especially critical to the future of the party in Texas due to redistricting. After the census is completed in 2020, the state legislature will convene in 2021 for its regular session with a mandate to draw new district lines for

the state and federal legislatures. In 2003, Republicans instituted a mid-decade redistricting plan that heavily favored their party and disenfranchised minority, liberal voters. This helped to create the single-party control that we know today. 2021 is our opportunity to set the state back on track and draw fair district lines.

Texas Democrats made historic statewide gains in 2018, with candidates for the state executive getting closer to victory than they had in the past 30 years. The 2022 election is the next opportunity Democrats have to make substantial gains in statewide elected offices. Expanding the base of Democratic support across the state, expanding Democratic seats in our state and federal legislative delegations, and preventing partisan redrawing of district lines after 2020 are crucial to building on our successes in 2018. If we are to elect a Democrat to statewide offices in 2022, we must expand Democratic hold at the state, county, and local level in 2020.



In 2018, the Blue Wave hit Texas:

  • Cut the Dem/Rep margin to just 2.5%

  • Turned out 160,000 more voters for Beto O’Rourke in 2018 than Hillary Clinton in 2016

  • Increased turnout 180% vs. 2014 midterm

  • Increased % Dem in 200+ counties, with 24 counties increasing 5+% vs 2016

In 2020, Texas will be the biggest battleground state:

  • Fastest growing state in raw number; seventh fastest in percent

  • Majority is age 34 or younger

  • Between 2014 and 2018, 1.8 million new voters joined the rolls, the majority of whom were women and people of color


Yes! With the Republican majority down to a single-digit margin and renewed Democratic energy in the state and intensified focus from outside of the state after 2018, the Texas House is poised to flip.

And it wasn’t just the “Beto effect.” Massive statewide shifts were seen up and down the ballot. Of the 18 targeted Republican seats, three were held by less than 1 point, five were held by less than 5 points, and the remaining ten seats were held by less than 10 points. Four of these districts were carried by Clinton in 2016 and those victories were expanded on by Beto, who carried nine of these districts in 2018.




Chip in and help fuel our movement! We’re building an organization that can compete with the deep pockets of Texas republicans. Your donation of any size ensures we can run powerful, principled campaigns across the state and take back Texas!


We’re looking for volunteers to host fundraisers and bring people together in support of the Democratic movement in Texas. Host a fundraiser, reach out to friends, and put power back in the hands of the people.


Join our steering committee and help shape the impact of this PAC! To join the steering committee, simply give or raise any amount this cycle - it can be the deciding factor in a close race. It can be the startup funds for a candidate to be competitive early, the mail program that wins over Republican voters, or the get-out-the- vote program that mobilizes our voters to victory.



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